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New Moon in Cancer… Khepera, the Scarab Beetle


Happy New Moon!

Hi everyone! If you’ve been following my 13 sign astrology info, then you know this new moon is in the constellation of Cancer, not Leo. Check your google sky map apps! Verify the accuracy of sidereal and 13 sign astrology for yourselves. This is a very important distinction right here, to be on actual star placements. The difference between Cancer and Leo is massive!

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Full Moon in Sagittarius…..Tehuti the Magician


Happy Full Moon!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying my 13 sign esoteric astrology articles. In reality there are 13 months per year! The Moon completes it’s cycle every 28 days. 28 X 13 =364 The number 13 symbolizes completion representing the Fullness. Moon Goddess Energy as well as the 13 Signs of the Real Zodiac.

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Full Moon Summer Solstice. . . The Summer Of Love


Hi Everyone! I hope you are All enjoying my esoteric astrology articles!
Today marks the Summer Solstice! Activating the 4 Corners of the Sacred Seasonal Cross. Which means, it’s officially the 1st day of Summer. Right now, it’s very important to remain SUPER positive about the good in your Life starting today! Summer Solstice is that time of the year with the most sunlight.

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New Moon in Gemini. . . . . Sirius the Dog Star


Happy New Moon!

This month, the new moon is directly on Sirius in Gemini! The ancient Dog Star. This is the guide into the underworld for the Egyptians and many other celestial based ancient societies. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and believed to be the birth place of the creation Gods, Goddesses, and to humanity. The pyramids and many ancient stories about our stellar origin mainly point to this star. The mystical Dogon traditions are based on Sirius A and its star companions Sirius B & C. This was looong before modern telescopes even registered these stars physically in the sky! Traditionally in astrology, Sirius is a very fortunate star! It is the Star of Isis and the Nile River.

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Full Moon in Libra..Scorpio’s Claws of Life and Death


*Welcome to my 13 sign esoteric Astrology blog! I write about the hidden secret meanings of planetary alignments most western astrology perspectives cannot give you. Simply put, the western zodiac is not based on the actual movements in the sky! While the Sidereal zodiac is star based, even more so is the study of 13 signs, which includes the ever elusive constellation Serpentarius Ophiuchus. That’s if you want to be even more aligned to what’s actually happening in the Heavens! So if you’re following western dates, you’re just not aligning with the stars. The Greeks mainly used a man-made seasonal time, which is not based on constellations. I have dedicated a good portion of my life to uncovering and decoding the true star map and it’s messages in the Sky. And I just so happen to be born the 1st day of the 13th Sign, Seprentarius Ophiuchus!

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